Rocking Vegan Apparel

Rocking Vegan Apparelfeatured

The brilliant minds of Amrita and Levan Wee over at Crazy Vegan Kitchen not only devise deliciously fun and fabulous vegan food with a side of sass but they have now ventured into bringing that same sense of fun into a shirts and sweatshirts. I could not be more excited!   These limited edition t-shirts Read more

Cruelty free finds – Tokyo Milk

Cruelty free finds – Tokyo Milkfeatured

So I’ve been MIA for awhile and honestly it’s been great. With the weather finally changing to a cool 90 degrees I’m getting in the mood for fall. With that comes a total revamp of everything in the freakin’ house. For some reason when that weather changes I just want to redecorate, buy fun clothes Read more

Nourishing Skin Serum

Nourishing Skin Serumfeatured

 My complete obsession with skin care right now is ridiculous. I’ve been using my own products on my face and hair and just absolutely love the way the feel and texture is. In fact when I first made this serum I couldn’t stop feeling my face. It was soft and surprising non oily. It just Read more

Easy BBQ Tofu with Garlicky Kale Salad

Easy BBQ Tofu with Garlicky Kale Saladfeatured

 I am a firm believer that great meals don’t have to be laborious and arduous in nature. Arduous is my word of the day so I thought I would open with that. I’m practicing for our annual family scrabble game during the holidays. I know holidays are roughly three months away by my grandmother is Read more

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